This is Clodagh & Baby Frank’s story about modern motherhood and choosing to become a parent alone

I am a very proud solo mom by choice to Baby Frank.  Becoming his mom is without a doubt the best decision I have ever made.   I decided to have a baby on my own when I was 41 following a routine blood check up and a very frank (ahem) conversation with my GP.   I was very lucky in that, despite the poor odds and disheartening statistics, my baby boy arrived a year and a half later.  

On New Year’s Day, 2020, I started my new year by announcing my news and sharing ‘my story’ online as I wanted to celebrate and be open about how my pregnancy came about, even if I was slightly anxious about what people would think.  The love and support from everyone was phenomenal and so comforting.  However, beyond this, to my surprise there was a huge interest from people outside of my own social circles.  I seemed to have hit a very current nerve to many women in Ireland who can relate to my story, who contacted me thanking me for sharing my story and helping to normalise the option of being a solo mom by choice. 

So here I am, and I am delighted to share the trials and tribulation of my gorgeous modern family in the hope that it provides inspiration, support and joy to anyone who needs it.